12 Steps to Recovery


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12We believe the 12 steps are spiritual principles common to all faiths and ordained by God.

The 12 steps were developed by Bill Wilson the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA). Bill W. as he is fondly called by those in 12 step recovery was inspired after sitting under sermons delivered by Episcopal Priest, Sam Shoemaker, leader of the American branch of the Oxford Group. Bill W. is said to have written the 12 step process in 40 minutes. He credits Sam, along with Dr. Bob Smith, as co-founders of the 12 steps of AA. Sam denies the credit, proposing that AA and the 12 steps were penned by Bill W. under the inspiration of God.

We too consider Bill W. to have been inspired by God to document this life-saving process.

Unfortunately, the 12 steps have seen limited use outside the rooms of AA and other 12 step organizations dealing with recovery from the abuse of alcohol and other substances. What we have discovered is the steps work on any life controlling problem. Whether you are recovering from a divorce, financial catastrophe, depression, or “workaholism” the steps work.

As the Big Book says, “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.” Our community is open to anyone seeking recovery from any issue. We believe our Christian values and practice will support and enhance your 12 step process.

History of Christian Recovery


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