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The Robot

August 26, 2014 by admin

Today’s blog is written by TM, a recovering addict. The blog gives a non-user insight into the reality of an addict. At some point, the addiction takes control and nothing satisfies but the substance or behavior of choice. Thank you for sharing.


"Where the remote control?"

“Where the remote control?”

The idea of losing your freewill or the ability to make right decisions may be hard to understand or accept—unless you’re an addict.

Early in my recovery, someone explained to me that your brain becomes hijacked and your daily, even hourly, existence depends on the drug.  The drug, or other source of addiction, becomes firmly rooted on the lowest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right next to water, food and shelter.

I often  felt like I didn’t even require those necessities as much as my next high.  During the self-destructive cycle of extreme craving, satisfying that craving, and then the craving returning more frequently and intensely, I became like a robot that required a battery charge to function.  My battery charged off my drug of choice.   Read the rest of this entry

Drive Through

August 19, 2014 by admin
"Just driving through"

“Just driving through”

“I’d like to drive through the countryside today.”

“Let’s drive through McDonald’s a grab a hamburger.”

I redefined “drive through” a  few weeks ago. I literally drove through our garage door. I plowed into the golf cart, ripped down cabinets, busted a Rubbermaid cabinet and splintered two wooden benches. I felt like an auto insurance commercial. A friendly man with a booming voice didn’t step onto the scene with promises of low premiums and full coverage, though. Read the rest of this entry

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